Summer fun and New Vocational education center

The kids at the Lamardelle creche enjoyed a few days of fun summer activities planned by Lillian Duke’s volunteer group in early July.

And although it wasn’t captured in photos, volunteer Jason Rotramel led a team working on construction projects in Lamardelle with a focus on starting an apprenticeship with the existing Haitian staff. During their stay they did the planning for a remodeling project to transform the Lamardelle creche into a community vocational education center. Stay tuned for updates on that exciting project…In the coming year we will need volunteers with expertise in many fields such as sustainable agriculture; raising rabbits, chickens and goats; beekeeping; wood working; crafts and clothing production.IMG_0068_zpsa8165041 IMG_1248_zpsc39fd520 IMG_1251_zps491d3ac0 IMG_1260_zpsc4c1c43b IMG_1262_zps7f48099b

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